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CMS Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Law School Content Management System (CMS) survey and the discussion on today’s LSTT episode. You can download the raw response data here: Law School CMS Survey Responses Please share any interesting conclusions, insights, or suggestions you have regarding this survey with us in the comments, on Twitter […]

Episode 32 – Monday, October 28, 10 am CDT

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 31


Episode 30 of Law School Tech Talk is now live!

Come join us at the live Law School Tech Talk Episode 30 podcast right now, via this link: http://youtu.be/hYkvgJSDwtE

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 30

We’ve reached the big 3-0.  Come join us Tuesday, July 2, 10 am CDT, in our Google Hangout for our post-CALI wrap up and more.  

Episode 28 – Great tech deals, iPads vs Chromebooks, Twitter managment, Coding for everyone

Sorry about the technical difficulties in the live cast – here’s the whole thing! This week’s links: Tech fun: Amazon Warehouse Deals Vudu Woot Manage Twitter Tweetdeck Hootsuite Evernote Coding Sunlight Foundation LiveCode (and HyperCard) SuperCard (and HyperCard)ift Scratch Blockly IFTTT

Episode 28 – Analytics and More

Come join us for Law School Tech Talk Episode 28 – Analytics & More.  We’ll use Google Hangouts again to present.  

Episode 26: Welcome Back!

Interview with Dave Cormier, CALICon12 Thursday Plenary Speaker

David Dickens has a conversation with Dave Cormier, the 2012 CALI Conference for Law School Computing Thursday plenary speaker. Download here Dave’s day job is the Manager of Web Communications and Innovations at the University of Prince Edward Island.  He is also well know as prime mover in the EdTechTalk community (http://www.edtechtalk.com/) and has been […]

Episode 24

We talked about lots of great tech news this week, from personal URL shorteners to the return of Ze Frank to DYI tech news magazines. Links for this podcast: YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener Shorten-It – an URL shortener that Elmer Masters is working on Domainr – Worldwide domain search Can Libya’s government bring down […]