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Welcome to the home of Law School Tech Talk, a bi-weekly podcast about all things technology in law school. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us with suggestions, questions, or complaints.

You can subscribe to our shows as a podcast on iTunes (of course they’re not as timely as our live shows). We’re on Twitter, too.

Here’s who we are:


  • David Dickens, Consulting Technologist, Pepperdine Law School

Co-Hosts and Regular Contributors:

  • Ben Chapman, Assistant Dean of Information Technology, Emory School of Law
  • Jonathan Ezor, Assistant Professor of Business, Law & Technology and Director of the Institute for Business, Law & Technology, Touro Law School
  • Debbie Ginsberg, Educational Technology Librarian, Chicago-Kent College of Law


  • Ed Myers, Media Services Coordinator, Temple School of Law

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