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Episode 23: CALI Con

In this week’s LSTT, we talked about our favorite April Fool’s jokes, tech news, and CALI Con: April Fools: Google Maps 8-bit for NES GMail Tap On the more serious side, 3/31 was Word Backup Day. We learned that we could make any printer AirPrint compatible.  Even on Unix. And, of course, we discussed the […]

Episode 22: Welcome to 2012

Catching up on all the latest tech news, including Apple’s latest publishing initiative. This week’s links: Ben Chapman’s Storify eLangdell printing announcement Apple no longer will replace glass under a 1-time policy Making eBooks for Fun and No Profit Writer2ePub Calibre InDesign Other authoring apps

Episode 21: Special Library Episode

In this episode, we discussed the library tech exprience with special guests Susanna Leers and Ken Hirsh. This week’s link: Welcome to the post-digital world, an exhilarating return to civility – via Facebook and Lady Gaga

Episode 20

In this episode, we discussed the experience of technology as well as student engagement.  Special guest: John Mayer from CALI. This week’s link: Welcome to the post-digital world, an exhilarating return to civility – via Facebook and Lady Gaga  

Episode 18 – Special Guest, Sarah Glassmeyer

In this week’s episode, we reminded ourselves that legal professionals also Tweet (and use other social networking tools) well. This week’s links: Social Media Law Student (some good resources if not current) Duty to Protect the Confidentiality of E-mail Communications with One’s Client Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablet Raises Potential Privacy Concerns Amazon Silk FAQ Defining “creepy […]

Episode 17: Tech News

Check below for this week’s show on tech news.  Links from the show: Arrington, Huffington, AOL, Editorial Integrity, and the Battle of Thermopylae Michael Arrington Wars with AOL, Fired from Editorial Position WikiLeaks Controversy Could Impact Newsgathering FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials Ebook Services – Digital Comps FileOpen OverDrive

Episode 16: Welcome Back

Law School Tech Talk returned on Monday, August 29, 2011 11:00 AM EDT with a back-to-school edition.  We spoke about what we saw during orientation this year, what we need to do, and what we anticipate as being the ongoing challenges for the new year.

Episode 15: Live from the CALI Conference

Download the complete Law School Tech Talk, Episode 15. At the 2011 CALI Conference for Law School Computing, David interviewed keynote speaker, Richard Nash, live. The result was a great conversation about everything from independent publishing to parenting. Have a listen. We’ll be taking the rest of the summer semester off, so see you in […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 14: CALI Conference Talk

In this last episode of the school year, we talked about various tablets, learned that law students still Tweet badly after exams, and got ourselves geared up for June’s CALI conference in Milwaukee.  See you in the fall! This week’s links: More about the Touchsmart 9300 And more about the TouchPad How HP will beat […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 13: The Apple Show

This week, we found a few more law student Tweet-missteps and talked about all things Apple with our special guests Colleen Hurd, James Cooper, and Dennis Bishop. This week’s links: Safeware – purchase extra insurance for computers NERCOMP – Northeast Regional Computing Program