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Episode 27 – Office licensing, Scholastica, and Google Hangouts

In this episode, we talked about the lack of transferability of Office 2013 licenses, Scholastica and ExpressO, and using Google Hangouts for lectures in a weather emergency.  Coming soon: Analytics and SalesForce.   This episode’s links: Washington & Lee Law Library Law Journal Rankings Reassessing the Law Review in the Age of Cyberspace (1997 article […]

Episode 27 – Welcome to the new year (Feb. 18, 10 am CST)

Please join us for the next episode of Law School Tech Talk on Monday, February 18, at 10 am CST.  We’ll catch up on the latest ed tech news (not to mention a few “law students Tweeting badly”).   We’ll give Google Hangouts another try, so come join us here.    Hope to see you there!