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Episode 6: Special Guest Doug Edmunds, Oct. 25, 12 ET

Doug Edmunds, Assistant Dean of IT at University of North Carolina School of Law, will be our special guest. From Doug’s UNC staff bio: Before becoming the Assistant Dean for IT at the law school, Doug spent 10 years working in technology at UNC’s School of Education. There he honed his skills in the areas […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 5: Niki Black

This week’s episode featured lawyer and social media expert Nichole Black (NY Law Blog and Law Tech Talk).  In this podcast, we discussed Chrome OS, law students Tweeting badly (the building’s on fire?), as well as legal ethics, cloud computing, and the implications for the practice of law. Note: the sound is a little scratchy. This […]

Episode 5: Special Guest Niki Black – Weds. Oct. 13 at 2 pm ET

Nicole Black, of counsel to Fiandach & Fiandach and founder of lawtechTalk, will join us on Wednesday. Niki’s been profiled as an ABA Legal Rebel. She’s co-authored two books – Social Media for Lawyers: the Next Frontier and Criminal Law in New York.  She is is currently writing Cloud Computing for Lawyers (to be published by […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 4: Jamie Butler

We decided to take a break from Toms.  This week, we asked Jamie Butler, Director of IT at UC Davis School of Law, to talk to us about digital signage and other fun issues.  This week’s podcast also featured a lively discussion about libraries using Netflix and the T.E.A.C.H. act, using the C-SPAN video library […]