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Law School Tech Talk – Episode 14: CALI Conference Talk

In this last episode of the school year, we talked about various tablets, learned that law students still Tweet badly after exams, and got ourselves geared up for June’s CALI conference in Milwaukee.  See you in the fall! This week’s links: More about the Touchsmart 9300 And more about the TouchPad How HP will beat […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 11: The Panelists Speak

This week, we featured the panelists as our special guests.  We talked about virtual servers; reviewed the iPad, TouchPad and other tablets; discovered a few more law students Tweeting badly; discussed security issues; and announced the new Law School Ed Tech blog. This week’s links: Microsoft Multipoint – a multi-user server Kaviza – virtual desktops […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 10: Clickers in the Classroom

In this week’s episode, we talked to Michael Muntean of Turning Technologies about clickers in the classroom. We also discussed the Nokia “burning platform” memo, and, of course, law students tweeting badly. This week’s links: The Nokia memo The HP Touchpad ABA Article on the dangers of social media CALI Instapoll Mazur and the chaotic […]

Episode 8 – End of Year Wrap-Up for 2010 (Audio)

This week, we were our own special guests.  John, Debbie, and Ben provided wrap ups for this year’s most important technological innovations for law schools and speculated about what’s on the horizon for 2011.  And, of course, we also featured this week’s Law Students Tweeting Badly. No links this week, but check out our live […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 5: Niki Black

This week’s episode featured lawyer and social media expert Nichole Black (NY Law Blog and Law Tech Talk).  In this podcast, we discussed Chrome OS, law students Tweeting badly (the building’s on fire?), as well as legal ethics, cloud computing, and the implications for the practice of law. Note: the sound is a little scratchy. This […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 4: Jamie Butler

We decided to take a break from Toms.  This week, we asked Jamie Butler, Director of IT at UC Davis School of Law, to talk to us about digital signage and other fun issues.  This week’s podcast also featured a lively discussion about libraries using Netflix and the T.E.A.C.H. act, using the C-SPAN video library […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 3: Tom Ryan

Featuring our third Tom – Tom Ryan, CALI veteran and Director of Information Technology at Rutgers Camden.  In this this week’s podcast we talked about the latest iterations of electronic casebooks and e-study guides, Jonathan Ezor shared his law school tweets of the week, and Tom Ryan talked about technology in Rutgers’ new building. Link […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 2: Tom Bruce

This week’s podcast features Tom Bruce, co-founder and director of the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School, discussing his keynote speech from this year’s CALI conference — “The Earl of Kent, or How to Bother“, his career at LII, and whether law school is a Ponzi scheme. Links from this week’s podcast: Awesome […]

Law School Tech Talk – Episode 1: Tom Boone

This week’s podcast features Tom Boone, reference librarian at Loyola Law School, discussing his Redbox Ignite presentation from the 2010 CALI conference. Links from this podcast: “No one noes” from the A List Apart weblog and Ben’s post discussing the article CALI Ignite sessions (Tom’s presentation is first) CALI’s new Free Legal Research website